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Roles of Internet Resource Builders

The internet is a place where people can perform various tasks while engaging in data and information exchange within controlled surroundings as long as they use networked devices including smartphones, computers and other innovations. One of the biggest achievement that the internet has brought about is the creation of a virtual village whereby different parties from all over the globe are able to access and exchange information in a real-time fashion where the distance is overcome. Some of the internet resources that exist today can be utilized by internet users in their day to day lives, and they have been outlined in this article.

First, there are internet service providers (ISPs) available for ensuring that they create all the required channels that will be used via wireless or wired connections before the user is able to have a connectivity to an internet space. The sole duty of creators of internet resources is to ensure that such ISPs which facilitate the access of the internet by customers are given the necessary protection and support so that they continue offering network packages that will allow people to surf the internet. Despite the fact that ISPs are the ones to give internet users the networking environment for them to get access to the internet, they do not have any type of say on the type of content that these users can share, access or delete while online.

Secondly, internet builders have the role of putting mechanisms in place to assure online users of privacy to data and information that is being accessed, shared or stored on various storage resources such as computer memory and networked platforms. Privacy policies are important because they help the internet builders to ensure that there are no cases of unauthorized access, altering, sharing and deletions of important user data which might lead to hefty losses on the side of the affected party.

Thirdly, the internet builders provide servers which are the physical storage facilities that are used to provide cloud storage where users can keep data and software that cannot be stored on the physical computer at the workplace or at home. When organizations want to establish business websites that are likely to occupy so much space, they get allocated some server spaces where the websites can be held during the process of web hosting which is carried out by experts.

The last duty is to ensure that there is sufficient data encryption especially when data owners want to share it so that the risk of hacking can be managed since the data cannot be decrypted by any other person apart from the sender and recipient.
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