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Factors To Consider When Evaluating Hay Quality

Hay is an excellent meal for animals. When you have hay, you are already settled for your animals to feed on. There are many types of farmers who grow hays and this may confuse you on which is the best hay to buy for your animals to feed on. It is therefore important for you to read this article from the beginning to the end and find out the important factors you must put into consideration when selecting the best quality hay. The first factor is the stage of maturity. You must choose hay that has matured well enough to the time of harvest. Such hay will be excellent for all types of animals since it has the best level of maturity. When you let your feeds to overstay in the garden without being harvested may lender them useless since they may have lost the best value that is needed to be useful to the animals you want to give the hay. It is therefore right for you to harvest your plantation at the right time when their nutrients are high in value. The stage of maturity varies from one plantation to another and hence the difference in their harvest times.

The next thing you should consider is the leafiness of the plantation before you want to harvest. It is important you harvest the plantation when the leaves and the stem are in the good ratio since when you add more stem than the leaves, the hay will not be an excellent mixture. It is therefore right for you to mix the two in a ratio that will produce the best hay for your animals to feed on. Some people may add a lot of leaves compared to the amount of stem and this makes the hay very light for animals and they hence cannot get enough of the hay you have made for them. Hence you must have some other types of foods to add on top of the hay for your animals to be fully fed. The other most important factor you should not overlook is the color of hay. The best color of excellent hay is brown. It is the most recommended color of your hay more so for animals that produce milk such as cows. It is therefore right for you to prepare your hay until it turns brown for it to be ready for a feed. For your hay to turn this color you must harvest your crops when they are light green to produce the best hay after proper storage.

The next factor that you must consider is foreign materials. You should be careful what else is in your hay feed. You should conduct thorough preparation of the crops w=before you harvest them for storage to avoid having so many foreign materials in your hay. It is therefore right to handpick or eliminate some of the foreign materials that are unnecessary to your hay and which can be harmful to your animals if given together with the hay. Some plants that grow in the garden are not always good and some are poisonous hence not recommended to be inclusive in the hay.

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